Sometimes you take a photo and there is an instant connection with your heart.

Kat Sloma has started a new challenge to celebrate those photos that we take that make an instant heart connection. They may not be the most glamorous, or follow all the rules… they may not be a great composition, or win any prizes, but to US they mean something. I love that, so I decided to play along.

Chelsea at the Papermama also does a “favorite photo” of the month. Typically those photos are the ones that touch my heart, even if I can’t explain why… so I love and am challenged by the juxtaposition of the two challenges.

Since I’ve been focusing more on building my wedding and bridal business, as well as enjoying various family shoots, I haven’t had much extra time to go on “just for me” shoots… so it is moments like the one above that are captured that keep me encouraged and knowing I’m on the right track.

This photo was from the Pittman family photo shoot and it still causes me to catch my breath every time I see it because I had NO idea there was a cross in the picture until I got home and started processing. It brought Mama Pittman to tears, and still grabs my heart every time I see it.

I’m so very grateful for the things I get to do as a photographer and my continual prayer is that I am a blessing to others.  And it is moments like this one that I am reminded that God is even in my passion for photography and that humbles me.



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