This year my One Word is Risk.

I have attempted to apply that to every area of my life and as a result I have launched a business, taken on new responsibilities at work thanks to the encouragement of my bosses, started and maintained a diet – and risked blogging about that diet, and of late have been picking up my camera to try and challenge myself into new techniques.

Each area has felt risky but been rewarding.

On my weigh in today, I lost 2 inches from my waist – squee! I lost .5 inches from my hips – double-squee! And I am down 3 more pounds to 139.2. That equals one thing —> *happy dance*!! My weight loss has been consistent, balanced, and my eating has been healthier. I started at 146.6 and I’m down to 139.2. And if I could do any kind of math, that number would probably make me ecstatic!

Surprisingly enough, my emotions have been much more balanced than I thought… a tribute I’m sure to my discipleship gals who are praying me through this time.

The only problem with my weight loss? I have less fat to keep me warm so now I’m freezing!

Photographically speaking, this week was my week to risk (or rather conquer!) “custom bokeh.”

Like last week’s self-portrait that took me eighteen months, I have been chasing after custom bokeh since Kent Weakley introduced me to the concept – oh – almost a year ago! People, this technique is H.A.R.D. hard!!

I wanted to take a picture that conveyed physical warmth – because that was our prompt this week for the Poetic Winter challenge – but also something that conveyed emotional warmth (i.e., love and hearts, in celebration of Valentine’s day).

Now run on over to Poetic winter with my peeps to see all the other amazing photos!


Poetic Winter Photography Challenge