May 13, 2012 jennyrain

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During the Zach and Jody workshop a couple weeks ago, we literally took to the sidewalks to search out the light. In between snapping portraits and working with the models were these captivating moments below the lens where expressions were just as real as if I were shooting a face. This was a moment when Zach was talking to one of our models about positioning her body just right to catch the light.


Washington, D.C. monuments will never get old for me. Each time I see them I am still inspired. The one benefit to a longer commute each day for my job is that when I drive into and out of the city, I see the Washington Monument. Sites like these still are awe-inspiring for me and make me very proud to live in a city with so much history and significance.


Only in DC can you pay your parking meter with a credit card.

Close Up

Her eyes… they oozed “take my picture” so I did. She was not the model we had contracted with, but she was gorgeous enough to stand in for one of our models. Her name is Lucy. She.Is.A.Rockstar!

With Mirror

We were trying to act all awesomesauce shooting into a convex mirror thinking we’d go all photographic fisheye on our results. Didn’t work. But it was still fun to try!


and  then, she {snapped}
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I break things and trip a lot. I like to chase things like dreams, goals, ideas, and raindrops. I create things with words. Writing has been an outlet since I first discovered the magic empty space of a journal. Words dance around in my brain and often land amidst scraps of paper, find their way into journals, or etch themselves into blinking pixels. I hope my words fall like rain on tender souls in need of refreshing. Finding photos in random moments helps me share stories. During a trip to Africa the perfect trifecta of my first DSLR, mission trip, and dream-location happened and my love of photography became a reality. I'm currently writing my first book, "Will They Laugh if I Call You Daddy: Growing up with 2 Dads in an Evangelical World," I'm a board member for One Million Kids, and I believe that every kid of an LGBT parent should have an opportunity to #ChangeTheConversation with their story. My bio remains in process because I am.

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  1. Teamboyd3

    That picture of the Washington Monument is one of the prettiest pictures I have ever seen.  I LOVE IT!

  2. Laurie

    “Inspiring” is GORGEOUS!  I kinda want a huge canvas of it. 🙂

  3. Kim@The G is Silent

    Oh I love love love your inspiring shot.  And the mirror one was pretty kick-ass too!!!

  4. Chrystal Oates

    Lovely photos. Especially the DC shot. I love DC I work there and it is beautiful!

  5. Jenn

    love love the DC shot… it is on my bucket list to visit the land of history on the East Coast!  =)  DC included!
    and I love the last shot… fun… 😉

  6. Kay Rhodes

    Love the shots…………. beautiful. The DC photos is fantastic and I really love the mirror.

  7. Steph

    Love your shots especially inspiring. We are going to be in D.C. for the 100 years of girl scouts in June. Hopefully I have time to catch some pics while I’m there.

  8. Christine E-E

    ohhh… my daughter lives in Arlington (Ballston Metro)… so I enjoy your photos that share the sights in Wash DC. It is a magical shot!

  9. Sandra

    My favourite image is the second one of the D.C. monument with the reflections and that gorgeous blossom.

  10. Liz S-B

    Great shots, all of them but the second is AMAZING!!

  11. Photoholic

    Oh my goodness! I love all your photos!! The second one is breath-taking!

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