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Freedom Fridays | A Story of Rescue

Today I am joining Lisa-Jo for five minute friday.

The stories you are about to read and see below are real. The undercover footage is real. The horror that is happening is real. Yet it is a story that must be shared…


A few months ago I joined a story-culture.

That culture’s name is International Justice Mission. Here at IJM we exist to give voice to the stories of the voiceless because sharing their story* with you is the way rescue happens for other victims…

Here at IJM we believe that the power of story to mobilize and galvanize the world into action is the most important ingredient of being salt and light for Christ in the world.

You see, when we talk about “trafficking” and “bonded labor” and “voilent oppression” we are not talking about an issue, or a cause, or a social movement… we are talking about people…

People like Jyoti and Madesh and Eugenia.

We are talking about the story of a real person with a real name and a real heart and a real face.

We are not just telling stories to put a face to an “issue” we are sharing our stories because they need to be told.

They need to be told to people like you, who didn’t know these stories existed before…so you can get involved, or pray, or help us move political will in the direction to stop this monstrosity from continuing.

Or you, who has a sponsored child in an area where stories like this still exist… and now you know how much your gift of $24 a month helps to prevent trafficking from happening to your sponsored child.

Or you, who have just learned that a young girl from another part of the world that just happens to be your daughter’s age is being systematically raped, abused, and violently oppressed… so that you can stop feeling bad about it, join with us in the fight for justice, and help give her the freedom that she was granted by Christ…

The stories of our victims are important. They matter.

Because our victims deserve a better story than what is currently being written for them by violent perpetrators.

*Please note, IJM blurs the eyes of all victims for their protection and privacy as well as ongoing case-work in some of the stories.


Read some past stories here:

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How YOU Can Get Involved With IJM

This summer have fun and take action with International Justice Mission. click on the link below to learn more and get involved in our summer Freedom Challlenge !

Pray, Support our work, or Start a Justice Campaign!

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  1. “Because our victims deserve a better story than what is currently being written for them by violent perpetrators.”

    I can’t amen this line strong enough.  

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