July 19, 2012 jennyrain

Freedom Fridays | Grace’s Story | Protected. Defended. Home.

When Grace’s husband passed away, relatives tried to steal her home — she became a victim of property grabbing.

Her home and her land was her entire livelihood, the only way she could provide for her five children. Without anyone to defend her rights, Grace started to lose hope. Then Grace met IJM, and everything changed. “My old life has ended and now a new one is beginning.”

Watch Grace’s story.

Make more stories like Grace’s possible—help IJM open a new field office in Northern Uganda.

IJM has been protecting women like Grace in central Uganda for the past decade. This summer, help us open a new field office in Gulu, Northern Uganda to help more people. Why Gulu? Learn more.

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I break things and trip a lot. I like to chase things like dreams, goals, ideas, and raindrops. I create things with words. Writing has been an outlet since I first discovered the magic empty space of a journal. Words dance around in my brain and often land amidst scraps of paper, find their way into journals, or etch themselves into blinking pixels. I hope my words fall like rain on tender souls in need of refreshing. Finding photos in random moments helps me share stories. During a trip to Africa the perfect trifecta of my first DSLR, mission trip, and dream-location happened and my love of photography became a reality. I'm currently writing my first book, "Will They Laugh if I Call You Daddy: Growing up with 2 Dads in an Evangelical World," I'm a board member for One Million Kids, and I believe that every kid of an LGBT parent should have an opportunity to #ChangeTheConversation with their story. My bio remains in process because I am.