December 22, 2014 jennyrain

When we leave you…

Photo Creative Commons by Epicantus

When we leave you, church, it is not because we have stopped believing in God.

We have just stopped believing in your ability to facilitate positive life change. We have been hurt by your negligence of our hearts, be it unintentional or intended. We have felt lost in the “busy-ness” of programs, processes, and protocols. We can’t find our way in the buildings that just keep getting bigger. When we hurt, we can’t find anyone to talk to that will walk the long roads with us to healing.

Church, it feels like you have stopped showing us the way to the heart of God and we are desperate to find Him again.

We know in our hearts that God is the answer to all that is wrong in the world, we just don’t know how to reconcile that belief with how church is doing day-to-day ministry. We long to see the church rise up and make a difference in our neighborhoods, our cities… but first we long to see the church make a difference in our personal lives.

Our doubts don’t need a bandaid, they need the church to be present. Our anger doesn’t need to be snuffed out, it needs an ear so we can process through it. Our confusion doesn’t need to be fixed, it needs the church’s acceptance.

We long for you to SEE us as we struggle… there are many of us around you.

We need you to see us in our pain. We desire for you to sit with us in our mess. We can’t change what our lives have become. We may not know how to ask for help, to define what is wrong, or to understand how we got here when all we wanted to do was follow God. Our hearts yearn for you to take the initiative to help.

Do you see us church? 



NOTE: This post is dedicated to the dozens of people just this year alone that I have walked this path with, cried with, prayed for, and been present with. It is also dedicated to the 150,000 individuals who walk away from church every.single.week. 

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