12 days of

Your Relationship Reset

12 Days of Habits to Reset YOUR Relationship
December 13-25, 2023 

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12 Days of Your Relationship Reset

Day 1

Are you pretzeling in your relationships?

Day 2

Boundaries are key to healthy relationships. 

Day 3

Your wounds affect how you interact in relationships. 

Day 4

Codependence is a huge disruptor to your relationships.

Day 5

Today we discuss being right vs. being in relationship.

Day 6

Your questions answered about boundaries! Part 2. 

Day 7

How you might sabotage your relationships.

Day 8

Today we talk about the difference between healthy vs. toxic conflict.

Day 9

This one word can leave you feeling not enough in relationships. 

Day 10

Ever been on the receiving end of a relationship-PR campaign?

Day 11

They didn't just miss the memo, they missed the whole talk!

Day 12

How to know if you are being gaslit by someone. 

About Jenny

Relationships give us the best opportunity to grow. We become more fully ourselves in relationships, but let's face it, relationships suck sometimes. 

After a wake of failed relationships in my own life, & 30 years in the trenches of corporate, non-profit, and ministry work, I finally got serious about learning what does, and does not work in relationships. Even got a PhD in psychology & a Masters in Divinity along the way! 

Now I help empower people just like you to RESET unsatisfying relationship patterns so that you can unleash your full potential in love! 

STARTS: December

ENDS: December


Client Raves

L, Relationship Reset Client

“At the start of this coaching process, I was just hoping to become a more healthy person. To be at the point where I wasn’t such a mess.

Now I'm actually in a very healthy relationship! This relationship is beyond my wildest dreams! I could not have asked for a better outcome. I got much more out of Relationship Reset than I was ever expecting to get!

V, Relationship Reset Client

“When I came to Jenny for help I had decided, ‘We're not going to do it my way. I'm going to try hers.' Jenny's Relationship Reset program equipped me with a relationship blueprint, and a set of beautiful boundaries for myself, and I have found the agency and courage to use them both.

I'm light years ahead of where I was before! Jenny's program gave me incredible tools,  elevated my awareness of who I am, and elevated my potential for relationships.”

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