When we are upset it is normal to feel like:

“I am so mad!”

The reality, however, it that only a PART of you is angry.

There are other parts of you that are
– Hurt
– Sad
– Curious
– Confused
– Open to learning

The belief that we ARE what we feel keeps us caught in conflict dynamics that thwart the creation of healthy relationships.

The next time you are mad, try saying this instead:

“A PART of me is angry”

See how it feels in your body. See how your brain reacts to that statement vs “I AM so angry”

Realizing our anger is a PART of us gives us enough psychological distance to interrupt the pattern. It allows us to step back, get curious, and observe what is happening.

It opens access to our pre-frontal cortex which is where creative conflict solutions are birthed.

Want to create and maintain a healthy relationship? Try this simple pattern interrupt in your next conflict and tell me what happens below in the comments.

I’m cheering you on!