How do you know if you are codependent?

We are all codependent to some degree because it is a biological imperative that we connect with other people.

And in seasons of crisis codependence tends to increase because it’s much harder to keep ourselves emotionally regulated when things get tough.

❣️But there are many unhealthy forms of codependence, like the ones I’ve listed on the cards above❣️

When efforts to fix yourself & others won’t work, when unbearable emotional pain seems to go on day after day, and you feel like you are losing yourself to the people, situations, and things around you, you may struggle with codependency.

You have come to a crossroads: continue your old ways of coping or look for a new way out of the pain.

❤️ If you are struggling with codependence in your relationship, know there is help. Whether you reach out to a trained therapist or coach or get involved in a codependent’s anonymous group… help is available to you to change long-entrenched relationship patterns,

Your only job is to reach out for support.

I offer 1:1 coaching for people struggling with patterns that are keeping them from creating & maintaining healthy relationships. If this is you, DM me for details.