Healthy relationships have one thing in common—a willingness to fail.

Without a failure-friendly environment where new relationship skills can be tried out, and where safe failure is normalized, @mastinkipp is right, we are almost ensuring failure.

Healthy couples create “failure-resilience.” This means they practice the art of rupture AND repair, they normalize trial and error, and they create a safe foundation within the partnership to make mistakes.

Healthy couples create failure-friendly incubators for each person in the partnership. They create a container where each person can:

💫Try out different communication strategies
💫Practice various approaches to conflict
💫Test out ways to encourage the other person
💫Explore new methods to navigate challenges as a team
💫Begin to see the healthy aspects of resistence and tension and allow it to be a catalyst for the growth of the relationship

The couples who are best at this even find ways to make this process fun.

Can you imagine?

Creating a welcoming, failure-friendly environment where you can practice skills and feel safe making mistakes while you grow?


In our relationships, if we create an environment that welcomes failure, we have a better chance to try out things that will get us closer to health in our relationships.

Failure goes together with healthy relationships like peas and carrots (if you missed yesterday’s peas post… go back and take a listen to see this in action!)

🎉 Cheering you on 🎉