How do I know this relationship is a go? Look for green flags.💚

Green flags in relationship are indicators of mutual benefit, compatibility, and respect.

In the early stages of relationships your body, mind, and emotions have a good idea how they feel around the other partner.

Your partner is showing green flags if…

💚They leave you feeling seen, heard, and respected
💚They are actively working on growth or healing
💚Their communication is clear and honest
💚They are consistent with behavior and words
💚Their physical affection isn’t just reserved for the bedroom
💚They are self-reflective
💚They have regular spiritual practices

Do you find yourself laughing and talking a lot? Even for introverts, the initial stages of a relationship should involve talking and getting to know the other person, so communication is regular and easy. How you feel is a good indicator of the green-flag potential of a relationship.

If …

🧩You feel like you can be yourself
🧩You feel safe in their presence
🧩You begin adopting each other’s mannerisms or style
🧩You look forward to being around them
🧩You can set healthy boundaries and have them respected
🧩Both of you can apologize when you’re wrong

If you see these signs, the relationship is heading in a good initial direction.

💚Not sure how to determine what is or is not healthy in a relationship? I offer 1:1 healthy relationship coaching to help. DM me for details!💚