Relationships are containers where unmet needs, joys, fears, hopes, and desires are experienced.

🧩 Relationships are where we are at our best, like, when we realize that we are better together as a partnership than alone…

🧩 And our worst, like, when our partner hits the emotional buttons only THEY know how to hit.

The good news is relationships give us visibility into our internal landscape … often accessing areas that have been hidden or repressed for years.

What we do with it then becomes our responsibility… will we choose to turn towards it and heal, or away from it and run?

Turning towards it can mean healing IF we are willing to put in the work, and the pain, to change the pattern. Turning away almost always guarantees the pattern keeping us stuck will remain.

The biggest gift we give ourselves in a relationship is believing the container we are in can transform us – IF both partners are willing to do the work to look at their own wounds and part of the dynamic.

💚 Not sure how to create healthy relationship containers? I offer 1:1 coaching. DM me for details 💚