Knowing whether to stay or leave a relationship is a difficult decision.

I have wrestled with questions of whether to “stay or go” many times. I have asked this question in employment situations, in life, and this question has been pivotal as I have examined relationships.

👋🏻There are times when LEAVING is the best option.

If where you are or who you are with have outlasted their usefulness for your growth, if they are hindering you from fully expressing gifts and talents you have been given, or if you are just passing time, it may be time to go.

If you are unsafe, emotionally, physically, or psychologically leaving may be the ONLY option.

🌸 But, what about BLOOMING where you are planted?

In 2004 I moved from D.C. to GA. Six months after the move, I began deeply questioning that move and 2 years later, I was aching to return to D.C.

I stayed because I didn’t feel a clear and compelling release from Georgia.

2006-2008 turned into 2 of the most healing years that would not have happened had I left Georgia when I wanted to.

Had I been amidst the distractions of D.C., I may have missed out on a healing experiences that changed my life forever.

💔Leave if

👉🏻You are losing tremendous amounts of sleep over where you are or who you are with
👉🏻Your health is detrimentally affected
👉🏻Your highest self or Higher Power are saying “Get out!”
👉🏻Habit or fear have placed you in a “rut” (think of a car wheel stuck in mud like the scene in My Cousin Vinnie)
👉🏻Loyalty is hindering the full expression of your gifts

❤️Stay if

👉🏻Your highest self or Higher Power haven’t given you a clear release
👉🏻Your character is growing, NOT at the expense of emotional or physical security
👉🏻You are catalyzing change in the environment FOR GOOD and aren’t being emotionally or physically harmed
👉🏻You are prone to “quit and stay” or “cut and run”

This list has helped me navigate decisions about staying or going.

It’s never cut and dry, and an instagram post is NEVER a substitute for mental health advice. If you are struggling, get help. Reach out to your community, to a professional and together brainstorm a solution.

Cheering you on.