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Relationships that are “Soul-Satisfying” help you feel seen, heard, and valued.

Empowering you with the skills and healing to create a soul-satisfying love is my passion!

If you landed here, there is a good chance you are looking for a way to break free from past wounds, unhook from unhelpful relationship patterns, so that you can elevate into partnerships that stir your soul and soar into the potential you KNOW you have inside of you!

That's what my work will help you to do.

If you are sick of just surviving relationships, and you are ready to elevate into YOUR soul-satisfying love, let's connect.

Decode Your Core Love Wounds

With the Core Love Wounds Quiz! 

Ever wonder why you keep finding yourself in unsatisfying or unhealthy relationships? This quiz outlines the 8 core “love wounds.” Uncover YOUR core love wound and gain insight into the patterns underlying all of your relationship outcomes!

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How I Work With You

The work we do together in coaching is a combination of the following approaches and my Relationship Reset program. No matter the approach or modality, the work you are willing to put in determines the quality of outcomes you achieve. 


Brainspotting is a powerful, focused treatment method that works by identifying, processing and releasing core neurophysiological sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, dissociation and a variety of other challenging symptoms.

“Brainspotting is based on the profound attunement of the therapist with the patient, finding a somatic cue and extinguishing it by down-regulating the amygdala. It isn’t just PNS (Parasympathetic Nervous System) activation that is facilitated, it is homeostasis.”
— Robert Scaer, MD, “The Trauma Spectrum

IFS Parts Work

Parts work addresses conflicts in agendas between your internal parts that are creating gridlock in your emotional healing.

We all have parts—parts are not the problem—the extreme roles those parts have taken on because of trauma are the problem.

The Internal Family System (IFS) protocol helps unburden or restore extreme and wounded parts to establish a trusted, healthy, harmonious internal system coordinated by the Self.


Trauma-informed, depth-psychology oriented coaching can be considered “thera-coaching” because it blends the best of both worlds. The underlying question in trauma-informed care is not “What’s wrong with you?” (which is the medical, pathology-focused model) but “What happened to you?” (SAMSHA)

In trauma-informed, depth-oriented coaching, we recognize that symptoms are adaptations to traumatic events and healing happens in safe relationships where corrective co-regulation can occur. A depth approach means we value your unconscious as a valid source of healing information.

Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP)

A primary cause of your suffering comes from not being able to adaptively and productively use the emotions flowing through your system as links to information, clues to transformation, and a roadmap to healing. 

More often than not, emotions become trapped in the body, and you become stuck. Integral Somatic Psychology™ is an embodied, or “somatic” psychology approach that helps you achieve optimal mental health by creating a safe and attuned space to help you fully embody your emotions, so they can be processed and healed. 

Client Raves

“I came fully equipped with everything I needed to repel the right people. Jenny’s work gave me a blueprint for healthy relationships, a set of beautiful boundaries, & the courage & skills to use them!”

V, Relationship Reset Client

“I had zero expectations that I was going to be in a relationship by the end of coaching. 

I'm in a very healthy relationship right now! I could not have asked for a better outcome. I got much more out of this than I was ever expecting!” 

T, Relationship Reset Client

“I'm light years ahead from where I was before! Your program gave me incredible tools; You elevated my awareness of who I am.

You elevated my potential for relationships.

V, Coaching Client (IFS work)

“I'm feeling empowered.

I'm finding my voice.

Every day reminds me of who DF I am again.

T, Coaching Client (IFS/BSP/ISP work)

Relationship Resources 

Reclaim your power in relationships!

Reclaim Your Power, is here to help you take control & discover how to:

  • Quickly identify energy drainers, Define your limits, and protect your energy.
  • Identify why these energy-draining relationships have such a hold on you.
  • Reclaim your agency, and create a customized plan to stop repeating energy-draining relationships.

My new guide also includes an insightful quiz to assess your readiness to break free from these relationships and find your path to fulfillment.

Clear the path for your love breakthrough!

To discover the next best step to take to clear the path for your soul-satisfying love, and to get help with creating your own unique Lasting Love Roadmap! 

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It is my way of saying thank you. I'm so grateful you have chosen this community! 

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Statistics on relationships 

Statistics show that how partners handle communication and conflict are key to healthy relationships. The good news? Communication is a skill that can be learned. I can help you learn how to communicate for results, navigate conflict like a pro, and build skills that help you create & maintain healthy relationships for a lifetime!


Percentage of relationships that end due to communication problems (2021 study)


Probability of a breakup when one behavior is present in a couple (Gottman)


Of the arguments you have with your partner are over the same thing (Gottman)