Triggered AF

Transform Triggers

& Step Into Your Powerful Self 

March 11, 2024

10am Pacific

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Don't stay Triggered! Aaron & Jenny can help!

About Aaron

The relationship struggle is real. Through experiencing a lot of personal heartache in my own life, I went on a journey to really understand WHY people hurt each other in relationships.

That journey lead me to great depths in therapy, spiritual concepts, mindfulness, self-awareness, and understanding the mind-body-soul connection.

After diving deep and becoming a (3x) Certified Life Purpose, Love, and Trauma-Informed Coach, I focus on healing past trauma to prevent it from hijacking relationships.

About Dr. Jenny

Relationships give us the best opportunity to grow. We become more fully ourselves in relationships, but let's face it, relationships suck sometimes. 

After a wake of failed relationships in my own life, & 30 years in the trenches of corporate, non-profit, and ministry work, I finally got serious about learning what does, and does not work in relationships. Even got a PhD in psychology & a Masters in Divinity along the way! 

Now I focus on helping people just like you create healthy relationships & unleash your full potential! 

Workshop Highlights

In this fun & interactive workshop, Aaron & Jenny will teach you how to kick those triggers to the curb so you can step into your most powerful superhero self!

BOOM! The Body Chronicles-Decoding the Science

Decode the science of a trigger… from brain, to body, to brain & learn how to trace its impact in your body.

KAPOW! Escape Artist – Mastering the Art of trigger de-escalation 

Never again get stuck in a trigger that you can't get out of! Become ninja-like in your trigger escape skills! 

WOW! The Epic Saga of That Post-Trigger Triumph

Bask in the afterglow of triggers that have been successfully tamed, and learn to live in a regulated state before, during, and after a trigger!

Join the fun!

Client Raves

Client Rave for Aaron

“Aaron is INCREDIBLE. He has changed my life giving me support and practices to lean on in my lifelong struggle to love myself and pursue authenticity. 

His approachable warmth, encouragement, tact and gentle technique with a dash of dry humor makes coaching with him feel like I’m talking to a rad, really grounded friend. I know that when I share a triumph he’s going to celebrate it just as hard as I am, no matter how small.”

Client Rave for Jenny

“When I came to Jenny for help I had decided, ‘We're not going to do it my way. I'm going to try hers.' Jenny's Relationship Reset program equipped me with a relationship blueprint, and a set of beautiful boundaries for myself, and I have found the agency and courage to use them both.

I'm light years ahead of where I was before! Jenny's program gave me incredible tools,  elevated my awareness of who I am, and elevated my potential for relationships.”




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