I break stuff and trip a lot.

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I like to chase things. Dreams, creativity, inspiration, technology, my pugs, and God. I like to create ideas and build solutions that make people's lives better.


I break things and trip a lot.

I like to chase random things like stories, images, dreams, creativity, inspiration, goals, ideas, and raindrops.

I create things with words. Writing has been an outlet since I first discovered the magic empty space of a journal. Words dance around in my brain and often land amidst scraps of paper, find their way into journals, or etch themselves into blinking pixels. I hope my words fall like rain on tender souls in need of refreshing.

Finding photos in random moments helps me share stories. During a trip to Africa the perfect trifecta of my first DSLR, mission trip, and dream-location happened and my love of photography became a reality.

I’m currently writing my first book, “Will They Laugh if I Call You Daddy: Growing up with 2 Dads in an Evangelical World,” I’m a board member for One Million Kids, and I believe that every kid of an LGBT parent, and every LGBT individual should have an opportunity to #ChangeTheConversation with their story.

My bio remains in process because I am.



These are the places I love most in the world.

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  • RT @eloranicole: “I know you live in your own reality…” @HillaryClinton COME THROUGH, HRC.

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  • @pwilson grateful for the seasons CP and your words have helped me live through. Will be praying for you during this time.

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Nurturing Creative Expression is a core value of mine. See some of my latest creative projects here.

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I'm a natural connector both online and IRL and I become positively giddy when my diverse communities collide with one another!