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Filling the world with healthy relationships

Now more than ever, our world is in desperate need of healthy relationships. I’m passionate about helping people just like you create & maintain healthy relationships.

Whether you want to learn how to navigate conflict, create stronger communication dynamics, or learn to connect more intimately—healthy relationships involve skills that you can learn.

My signature 1:1 coaching program moves you from frustrated to free in your relationships. 

If you are sick of just surviving relationships, and you are ready to thrive, reach out today for a complimentary discovery call.

Statistics on relationships 

Statistics show that how partners handle communication and conflict are key to healthy relationships. The good news? Communication is a skill that can be learned. I can help you learn how to communicate for results, navigate conflict like a pro, and build skills that help you create & maintain healthy relationships for a lifetime!


Percentage of relationships that end due to communication problems (2021 study)


Probability of a breakup when one behavior is present in a couple (Gottman)


Of the arguments you have with your partner are over the same thing (Gottman)

Client Raves

You immediately cut through the bullshit in my brain, help me logically break down situations and respond in the best way, and develop my boundaries and communication skills to achieve mutually beneficial results in my interactions.”


You bring a healthy marriage of spirituality and tested/proven scientific methodology and serve it up on a ‘no shoes required, come as you are’ platter. You encourage me to take action and control of my romantic life through supporting my decisions moving me towards my goal.”


You helped me see the best in myself the parts of me I couldn’t see for myself. You brought out of me the person I didn’t believe was there.”


Relationship Resources 

Relationships are containers for transformation

Relationships are containers for transformation

Relationships are containers where unmet needs, joys, fears, hopes, and desires are experienced. 🧩 Relationships are where we are at our best, like, when we realize that we are better...